Cryolipolysis Price List

Please follow us on Instagram as we often have special prices and giveaway cryolipolysis treatments for people who follow us. Below is our latest standard cryolipo price list. Contact us for offers as we often run promotions.

As a small family owned independent clinic we determine our own cryolipolysis pricing structure and use low overhead and advertising costs to enable us to provide great value for money.  Please be assured Emma our Practitioner is highly trained and comprehensively insured.

Treatments at the Ice Beauty clinic are no less effective - just much less expensive! We have heard of places in Exeter and London charging circa £800 per area for exactly the same treatment with the same machine. We think this is ridiculous and not good value for money, you are simply paying for a town centre rent, branding such as that offered by various named brands and advertising.

Each cryolipolysis treatment area is classified as one treatment regardless of the size of the crylipo cup used we have 100mm to 300mm cups available, the standard price per treatment cup area is as follows.

1 Area £399 - Special offer £99
2 Areas £799 - Special offer £198
3 Areas £999 - Special offer £297
4 Areas £1149 - Special offer £396
5 Areas £1299 - Special offer £495
6 Areas £1399 - Special offer £595

cryolipo prices



We also now treat Double Chins

Example cryolipolysis treatment areas are:

  • Upper or Lower Abdomen = 1 area 

  • Upper & Lower Abdomen = 2 areas

  • Hips = 2 areas

  • Both Love Handles = 2 areas

  • Inner or outer Thighs = 2 areas

  • Bra/Back Rolls = 2 areas

  • Both Arms (Bingo wings) = 2 areas

  • Abdomen & Hips = 3 areas

  • Lower Abdomen & Love handles = 3 areas

  • Inner & outer Thighs = 4 areas

  • Upper & Lower Abdomen & love handles = 4 areas

Some areas cannot be treated together on the same day although we can treat up to 6 in session in most cases.

We will never treat the same area within a 2 month period and will always turn people away that we do not think are suitable for treatments. We want everyone to be happy with the treatments they receive and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

Emma our specialist consultant will discuss the areas to be treated during the consultation session and advise if she thinks you are suitable for the treatment area requested. Contact us for more details and to arrange a consultation.


cryolipolysis prices


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